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Analyzing Digital Breadcrumbs (Evidence) During Employee Disputes & Complex Investigations

Informational webinar detailing analysis of digital breadcrumbs during employee disputes, presented by Today's General Counsel and iDiscovery Solutions. Featured speakers: Hunter McMahon of iDiscovery Solutions and Aaron Crews of Littler Mendelson.

IoT and Disparate Data: A Powerful Combination for Labor and Employment Cases, MCC, May 16, 2017

                  The IoT is here and the question is no longer will its data affect litigation, but how it can be leveraged in current cases to provide a positive and meaningful impact.  The presenters will talk about how they have helped clients use IoT and Disparate Data to communicate factual...

Data Breach Response, MCC, March 9, 2017

Data breaches are inevitable and the aftermath of a data breach can be a significantly difficult exercise.  When legal and technical resources work together, both proactively and reactively, the response can run more smoothly. In this 60-minute webinar from Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, iDS...

Dan Regard Discusses Data Issues and the Legal Technology Landscape

CEO Dan Regard discusses how iDS helps solve clients’ problems associated with the intersection of law and technology in today’s data driven world.

The Internet of Things (IoT) - Context is the New Content

Date: Nov. 2, 2016   Organization: Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP)   Speakers: Dan Regard, CEO, & Charlie Platt, Director, iDiscovery Solutions

IoT & Relational Analytics through Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (MCC)

iDS analytics experts, Dan Regard and Charlie Platt, talk IoT & Relational Analytics in this webinar from Metropolitan Corporate Counsel.

Jonathan Karchmer Discusses Data Breach Response

In today's digital age, data breaches are becoming common place. Jonathan Karchmer discusses the depth of iDS addressing data breach response. 

Jim Vaughn Discusses Digital Forensics

Jim Vaughn, Managing Director of iDS, discusses the company’s strengths within its Digital Forensics practice.

Jen Brennan Discusses iDS Expert Services

Jennifer Brennan discusses the depth and breadth of the expert services offered by iDS surrounding testimony and information governance.

Neal Lawson Talks About the iDS Approach to Information Governance

Data volumes are growing exponentially and Neal Lawson talks about how iDS can assist companies in managing risk as well as realizing reward from their massive data stores.

Julian Ackert Reviews iDS' Data Collection Capabilities

Julian Ackert, Managing Director at iDS, discusses iDS' data collection capabilities, covering everthing from GPS devices to large data sources. 

Brian Kim Reviews iDS' Expert Data Analytics Services

Brian Kim reviews iDS' expert data analytics experience and depth, highlighting the skills that iDS possesses in the industry. 

Mark Araujo discusses iDS' Processing & Hosting Services

Mark Araujo provides a synopsis of iDS' expert e-Discovery processing and hosting services. 

xiG Expert Information Governance

At iDS, our information governance solution – xiG℠ – is a customized, state-of-the-art methodology that leverages technology to keep your business’ information systems organized, up-to-date and compliant. Maximize the value of your information, implement best practices, decrease risk, increase...

Brandon Leatha talks Predictive Analytics

Brandon Leatha, Director at iDS, talks about today’s use of Predictive Analytics in document review.

Ken Shuart talks Consensus Coding℠

Ken Shuart, Senior Manager at iDS, talks about the company’s revolutionary Consensus Coding℠ service offering. 

Bobby Williams discusses Mobile Device Collections

Bobby Williams, Digital Forensics Consultant at iDS, discusses the key needs when collecting from mobile devices.

Neal Lawson Discusses iDS

Neal Lawson, President of iDS, discusses the company, its passion, and the programs that have been developed internally to both further employee development and give back to the community.

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