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Structured Data Analytics

The Challenge with Structured Data

Structured data systems pose unique challenges in a litigation setting. Data volumes are expanding exponentially. Enterprise structured data systems are growing in complexity as new formats are developed. Attorneys are increasingly requesting the production of structured data during discovery.

You need to understand the data in your business’ structured system – what it is, where it is stored, how it is structured and why it is relevant – but how? The task seems overwhelming when faced with enormous, complicated data systems and escalating eDiscovery demands.

The Solution

iDiscovery Solutions (iDS) tackles the challenge of structured data discovery with experienced consulting and testifying experts. We assist with the identification, acquisition, analysis and production of structured data systems. Through the use of visualizations, graphs and statistical models, we make large amounts of data easy to comprehend.

iDS’ data analytics team has extensive experience with the preservation and collection of large active and legacy enterprise database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and DB2. We also:

  • Provide expert advice regarding data analyses, queries and validation of analyses and methodology.
  • Reliably transform complex data sets from proprietary, flat file or relational table structures to an accessible, consolidated structure that facilitates data analytics.
  • Develop complex modeling and analytical queries for reporting to subject matter experts.
  • Identify potentially relevant information by collaborating with legal and IT staff to translate legal requests into actionable tasks.
  • Provide expert testimony on enterprise systems and data analytics methodologies.

At iDS, we have the knowledge and experience to understand your complex legal issues, and the technical expertise to deliver defensible solutions for your structured data litigation challenges.

The Benefits

  • Implement best practices. Get accurate, consistent and defensible analyses from your structured data systems.
  • Decrease risk. Understand your data and systems before you produce.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs. Thoroughly review and categorize your data to accurately identify, analyze and produce relevant information.
  • Experience expert assistance. Detect anomalies within, and interpret relationships among, data sets. 
  • Be prepared. Support subject matter experts with defensible structured data analytics.
  • Get back to business. iDS gets you out of the database and back to business.


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