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Social Media Discovery

Social media has introduced new forms of digital communications to the litigation landscape. The explosion of social media has put technology, collaboration, and communication at everyone’s fingertips. This includes your employees. From messaging, to file sharing, and even video chatting, the means by which people can create, store, and distribute electronic information is endless. These end-user benefits represent the latest round of technology challenges that lawyers face when crafting discovery strategies. The answers to questions such as “What data exists?,” “How do we find it?,” “Is it discoverable?,” and “How do we collect it?” are no longer simple answers.

iDS is a thought leader in the development and implementation of best practices for discovery in the realm of social media. As part of its advice to clients, including Fortune 100 companies, iDS constantly evaluates social media sources to ensure that response plans and technology deployments empower clients to fulfill their discovery obligations.

To manage the evolving legal landscape on issues such as privacy, discoverability, and admissibility of social media content, iDS offers the following services:

  • Enterprise social media policy and technology assessment
  • Social media discovery program development, deployment, and internal training
  • Social media data identification, preservation, collection, processing, and analysis

Social media discovery does not have to be expensive or overly complex. In fact, it can be the opposite with the right plan and the right team.



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