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Search Term Analytics

Search terms can be a powerfully effective means of focusing discovery and reducing the cost of reviewing and producing electronically stored information (ESI). Academic studies in the area of legal document relevancy determinations have shown that search terms can be as effective as, if not better than, other forms of computer-aided relevancy determination. A defensible process requires a defined protocol that is implemented in coordination with the legal team and augmented by math, statistics, and computer science to develop, test, apply, and confirm search terms.

As an option, iDS can incorporate, into our standard eDiscovery and review practices, a methodology and the accompanying tools that allow you to focus on reducing discovery costs. Our methodology pairs measurable precision and recall with attorney review and search term development resulting in a defensible process that increases the accuracy of, and reduces the time to complete, a document review. This not only reduces risk, but also mitigates cost. Our iterative process leverages the legal team’s review of a control set of documents and your selection of initial search terms to test, measure, refine, report, and quality control check the selected terms to yield a defensible set of relevant documents with quantifiable results. In actual cases, our approach has resulted in the reduction of review time by more than 50 percent and overall discovery related costs by 80 percent. The process is transparent, interactive, and allows iDS to determine the most precise terms, while eliminating or modifying terms that do not target responsive materials.

iDS guides and informs the review process and augments the decisions made by your legal team. The benefits of iDS’ search term analytics include:

• Review can start immediately and is performed by the case team under your direction and control
• Prioritized review begins after measuring the effectiveness of initial terms
• Learning curve of the document review stays within the case team
• Case team is involved in the evaluation, development, and selection of search terms
• iDS has the qualifications to testify as to the process
• 65-85 percent cost savings over a human review of all collected documents
• Works with de-duplication, near de-duplication, email threading, and other cost-saving techniques


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