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Relational Analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Challenge of Relational Analytics and IoT Data

Relational analytics, including analyzing data from the Internet of Things (IoT), presents myriad challenges when it comes to litigation. The diversity and number of mobile devices, wearable devices, vehicles, buildings and other items (like light bulbs, picture frames and tea kettles) embedded with connective technology, and thereby chock full of valuable IoT data, are growing at an alarming rate. As the 3V’s (volume, variety and velocity) impact the ever-expanding dimensions of big data, structured data systems are becoming more disparate and increasingly complex.  And these systems can be highly distributed throughout an organization and third party vendors, especially when considering Cloud-based and IoT datasets.

When legal issues arise, there’s often a need to leverage relational analytics surrounding this data and its related systems. Identifying, gathering, analyzing and understanding IoT data – what it is, where it’s stored, who touched it and why it’s relevant – can be critical to resolving a case.  It’s also vitally important to bring distinct structured data systems together so data can be examined collectively, rather than in isolation, in order to uncover patterns or aberrations and support legal arguments with proven facts. But how can such an enormous chore be tackled quickly, accurately and defensibly?

The Solution

Relational analytics encompasses not only the analysis of IoT (relational) data, but the building of relationships between countless structured data sources. At iDS, our relational analytics and IoT data solution is a unique, customized methodology, process and suite of tools that, when used in concert, powerfully leverages technology to help connect the structured data dots, see the big data picture and tell the story through facts.

It’s not all about technology. At iDS, our group of experts have the knowledge, experience and technical expertise to understand complex legal issues – partnering with legal teams to help resolve the case. Our solution maximizes the value of information, decreases risk, increases efficiency and delivers defensible processes for every relational analytics and IoT data challenge.

The Benefits

  • Implement best practices. Consolidate disparate systems, including forensics and traditional eDiscovery, for a complete data story as well as accurate, consistent and defensible analyses from the data systems.
  • Decrease risk. Change the subjective to the objective, minimizing reliance on human memory and eyewitness accounts for accurate, consistent, unbiased facts.
  • Increase efficiency. With our solution, the data does the talking, identifying exactly where to look to identify and analyze which days, custodians and events are significant.
  • Experience expert assistance. Our experts show you the big data picture, clarifying anomalies and patterns that contradict or confirm the data story.
  • Resolve the case. Gain the defensible data wisdom needed to support arguments, counter opponents’ contentions and vastly improve chances for positive outcomes.
  • Get back to business. iDS’ relational analytics team gets you out of discovery and back to business.


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