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Litigation Readiness

The fundamentals of a comprehensive litigation response plan begin with an accurate system data map identifying potential data sources, comprehensive litigation hold strategies, and clearly defined responsibilities for your legal team, records and information management departments, and key stakeholders. We can show your organization how to map on an as-needed basis to reduce costs, while keeping the relevant information fresh. iDS will develop and implement a defensible plan in advance of litigation to mitigate the risks associated with records management and eDiscovery, while maintaining ability to access critical business information. We provide the following services:

  • Identify and document all litigation and dispute-related preservation and regulatory retention obligations.
  • Develop profiles for internal systems that are frequently relevant to litigation. These profiles identify and summarize the information necessary for efficient Rule 16 meetings and Rule 26 disclosures. Profile content examples include data mapping (volumes, sizes, and locations), system history, data flow (inputs and outputs), alternate data sources (archives and backup systems), and retention settings
  • Evaluate cloud-based and other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) systems and develop litigation and incident response protocols.
  • Work with your team to establish a cross-departmental eDiscovery Legal IT team consisting of information managers, legal representatives, and business unit managers that are responsible for the program’s governance.
  • Create and maintain detailed 30(b)(6) Q&A documents.
  • Recommend and implement data management strategies for online and offline data repositories / storage locations.
  • Identify, create, or augment existing long-term information management roadmaps.


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