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Information Governance (IG)

The Problem with Managing Data

It wasn’t so long ago that all of your business’ information was kept in folders stored in filing cabinets. These days, data volumes have grown exponentially. Information systems needed to store, track and maintain data have increased in number and complexity. If all your business’ information were on paper, it would fill the Library of Congress instead of a few filing cabinets.

Paper files used to be a byproduct of your work. Categorizing business information was simple. Accessing it was easy. Maintaining it was straightforward. Now, vast amounts of electronic data are work product. The information must be organized, stored and maintained in accordance with best practices and regulations.

How do you sort your business’ information across multiple systems? How do you maintain its integrity and comply with regulatory and business requirements? When a legal issue arises, how do you find relevant data quickly, without wasting time and money? Just as a library categorizes and maintains its books, you need a way to proactively organize, track and maintain data across your business’ information systems.

The Solution

At iDS, our information governance solution – the xiGSM platform – is a customized, state-of-the-art methodology that leverages technology to keep your business’ information systems organized, up-to-date and compliant. Our proactive approach works to reduce data duplication and keep valuable information at your fingertips – whenever you need it, for whatever reason.

It’s not all about technology. iDS addresses three core components of information governance: people, process and procedure. We combine expert testimony, experienced consultants and best practices to ensure the success of your information governance program. The xiGSM platform maximizes the value of your information, decreases risk and reduces costs. It’s a tailored, comprehensive strategy for managing your business’ information systems over time.

The Benefits

  • Maximize the value of your information. Organize, categorize, track and maintain your business’ information systems. Valuable information is readily available and easily accessible.
  • Implement best practices and decrease risk. Protect your business’ intellectual property and sensitive records. It helps maintain the integrity of your business’ information systems so that you stay in compliance.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs. The xiGSM platform works in real time. It’s interactive, so you can view your business’ information across multiple systems, reduce data duplication, find relevant documents quickly and update data as needed.
  • Experience expert assistance. iDS provides ongoing training and support – everything you need to ensure that your business will be ready today for tomorrow’s laws and technology.
  • Get back to business. The xiGSM platform gets you out of the file room and back to business.



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