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WEBINAR: Understanding the Value (and Risk) of Digital Breadcrumbs, Oct. 3 @1pm ET

Friday, September 22, 2017

During litigation or investigations, we are quick to look for the content-based smoking gun – the substance of communications.  What did she say in the email?  What did he text about?

Traditionally, that may have been the fastest way to the core of the issue; however, today’s interconnected world is changing that landscape in many ways.  The digital breadcrumbs we leave behind about our interactions can tell us far more about individual events than just content itself.

Hunter McMahon of iDS, Bobby Malhotra of Munger Tolles & Olson, and Jenny Englander of Ogletree Deakins will discuss how the rapid adoption of new technologies, including the proliferation of IoT devices, is creating an ever-growing repository of user event data (logins, connections, GPS, communications, etc.) that can offer insight unlike any content-based analysis can.  By leveraging event-based analytics and interactive visualizations, we are able see event relationships, correlations, anomalies, and much more.

Join them to learn how you can approach the following questions and determine their answers, for your organization or clients. 

  • What event data are we keeping?  And does it pose greater risks (e.g., privacy, security, etc.) than it does business use value?
  • How are we leveraging that data to benefit the company (e.g., compliance monitoring, audits, etc.)?
  • Can we combine our traditional content-based analysis with event analysis for greater efficiencies in litigation, investigations, etc.?





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