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MCC Webinar Review: When IoT Data is a Defendant’s Best Friend


Below is an excerpt from an article that appears in Metropolitan Corporate Counsel's (MCC) June 2017 edition. "When IoT Data is a Defendant's Best Friend," from MCC Editor David Hechler, reviews a webinar hosted by MCC and presented by iDS CEO Dan Regard and Director Charlie Platt.  The webinar, "IoT & Disparate Data: A Powerful Combination for Labor & Employment Cases," took place on May 16, 2017. A link to it can be found HERE.  


In addition, a May lead-in article from Mr. Regard and Mr. Platt, "Turning Liabilities Into Assets," can be found HERE.



The webinar presented by iDiscovery Solutions on May 16 (and hosted by MCC) was packed with a lot of information about the internet of things (IoT). But what made it different from other webinars we host was that it was doubly interactive. There were only two presenters, but Charlie Platt and Dan Regard did a lot of interacting. They used a polling tool to engage their audience, and that was an effective way to move the conversation. But what was most effective wasn’t the tool, which is fairly common these days in both online and live presentations. It was the presentation itself. 

Instead of taking turns lecturing the audience, they talked to each other. They traded the usual monologues for a dialogue. It felt more like a talk show with two hosts than a typical CLE offering. 

. . .

When you add information recorded on smartphones to photographs that people post on Facebook to information contained on devices in their homes, the results are inescapable. Many of us are surrounded by our own data. And this multiplicity of sources, Platt and Regard argued, can be used to extrapolate reliable information about us. One source may present a clue, they said, but two sources can add context, three can create a convincing picture and four may be compelling. Court cases can be built on this kind of information. 



Please email Mr. Regard dregard@idiscoverysolutions.com, or Mr. Platt cplatt@idiscoverysolutions.com, to discuss how IoT data can make or break a case, how to turn potential liabilities into assets using expert forensics and analytics, as well as how the highly experienced iDS team can assist with all your legal technology needs on your next case or internal investigation.

The full interview is available as a downloadable PDF above and all of iDS' published pieces with MCC are available to view HERE






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