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Expert Testimony & Consulting

A streamlined process is vital. In order to respond to your discovery requirements and obligations imposed by litigation, it is first necessary to understand what that involves. Through their prior experience as former members of General Counsel, Litigation Support within AMLAW 100 firms, National Directors inside eDiscovery consulting firms, Former SEC Forensic Investigators, and Compliance Directors within multi-national organizations; the experts at iDS are prepared to effectively optimize matter cost containment, as well as identify and mitigate risk for your organization.

Our designation as 30(b)(6) witnesses, subject matter experts, and opinion experts gives us the unique ability to provide solutions that have been vetted by individuals of diverse backgrounds with a diverse perspectives.

With over 10 years of eDiscovery lifecycle management experience per expert, iDS is able to provide expert testimony in the areas of electronic systems, information, and discovery.  This breadth of experience and ability to provide expert opinions and subject matter expertise, provides iDS a competitive advantage on a range of services, including:

  • Identification of potentially relevant data sources within corporate information systems and strategies for handling data that may be not readily accessible, such as offline storage and backup tape libraries
  • Assessment of technology requirements to streamline or augment your current discovery response program
  • Ability to evaluate enterprise software tools and hardware appliances to improve your management of early case assessment or data processing requirements
  • Identification and cross pollination between your legal, regulatory, business and technology requirements
  • Formulate strategies to streamline data extraction, collection and delivery processes for vendors and law firms
  • Expert qualifications and experience serving as 30(b)(6) designee on technology and eDiscovery topics


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