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Expert Testimony & 30(b)(6)

iDS provides expert testimony in the following three main areas surrounding electronic discovery, systems, and information.

30(b)(6) Witnesses — Our experts work with corporations to represent their technology-related fact testimony needs. This is particularly effective for 30(b)(6) depositions with cross-functional areas of law, business, and technology. If you are faced with the prospect of preparing multiple people from multiple disciplines for testimony, consider having a single expert witness from iDS as an alternative.

Subject Matter Experts — We have provided subject matter expertise on enterprise applications, email archives, large databases, theft of computer-based intellectual property, and the technical operation of software and hardware systems. Industries covered include: telecommunications, technology, manufacturing, software development, pharmaceutical, entertainment, financial services, and many others.

Opinion Experts — We have supplied cost and burden estimates for evaluating the accessibility of ESI under FRCP Rule 26(b)(2)(B), as well as industry best practices for the management of backup tapes, the exchange of native versus non-native files, the analysis of discovery compliance, and other aspects of eDiscovery.


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