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Data Breach / Incident response

The Forensicators Present ... Go on the Cybersecurity Offensive: Threat Intelligence

Over the last few years, we all have heard about major cyber and ransomware attacks. These cybercrimes cost organizations billions of dollars each year, as personally identifiable information (PII) – social security numbers, credit cards, email addresses, and other personal data – of millions of consumers are exposed and sold by hackers.

The Forensicators Present ... Big Data Beasts

"Big Data Monsters" is courtesy of iDS Sr. Consultant and data expert, Bobby Williams.  Nearly everything we do increases our digital footprints and feeds a race of big data monsters. Bobby talks about these creatures - how they were created, how they're fed, and how they can be tamed to help keep you and your organization safe.

Drawing a Privacy Line in Today's Data-Rich World: MCC Roundtable

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review Carpenter v. U.S., which concerns warrantless access to cellphone location records. This thrusts the high court smack into the murky intersection of digital evidence and the Fourth Amendment. Add in the different standards for disclosure of electronic communications held by third-party internet service providers under the Stored Communications Act, and you have a recipe for controversy and confusion. In the discussion below, our participants confront these and related issues from a variety of vantages: Sonya Judkins, manager of electronic discovery and compliance with Sprint; U.S. Magistrate Judge David Waxse from the U.S. district court in Kansas City, Kansas, a highly experienced judicial “maverick” on ESI searches; Don Myers, a Littler Mendelson shareholder and member of the firm’s eDiscovery group; Dan Regard, a programmer and lawyer who is CEO of iDiscovery Solutions; and Hunter McMahon, director of data analytics for iDiscovery Solutions. Their remarks have been edited for length and style.

The Forensicators Present ... Programs Can Run, But They Can’t Hide

Determining whether programs or malware actually ran on a system is an important goal of seasoned examiners when investigating computer evidence.  iDS forensics expert, Jonathan Karchmer, talks about some artifacts one may encounter on Windows systems.

The Forensicators Present ... Are You Prepared for the Next Big Ransomware Attack?

iDS expert Supreet Singh discusses WannaCry, NotPetya, and how your organization can be better prepared for future ransomware attacks.

THE ETHICAL HACKER: Are You Accounting for One of Your Largest Cybersecurity Risks?

iDiscovery Solutions Announces New Director of Analytics - Hunter McMahon

iDiscovery Solutions, Inc. (iDS), is pleased to announce the addition of Hunter McMahon to its growing staff of highly experienced professionals. Mr. McMahon comes on board as Director of Data Analytics and will be based in iDS’ new satellite office in Greenville, SC.

hunter mcmahon

Mr. Hunter McMahon is the Director of Data Analytics for iDiscovery Solutions (iDS), bringing over a decade of experience in technology and the legal field. He focuses on providing innovative solutions to overcome the unique challenges, and maximize potential advantages, from a variety of data systems....

The Forensicators Present ... Temporal Insanity

It was a matter of hours. A simple thing really. Was an email sent at 10:00am or at 2:00pm.  An entire case hung in the balance; if the email was sent at 10:00am, the custodian had prior knowledge, if at 2:00pm, then not.  Unfortunately, the email had been extracted and produced on multiple occasions during the litigation, each showing a different time.  iDS was called in to do two things: First, determine the correct time the email was sent, and second, explain to the court how the time could have been incorrectly reported so often without nefarious intent.

THE ETHICAL HACKER: Can We Talk About Safety, For a Change?


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