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Data Analytics

The Forensicators Present ... Go on the Cybersecurity Offensive: Threat Intelligence

Over the last few years, we all have heard about major cyber and ransomware attacks. These cybercrimes cost organizations billions of dollars each year, as personally identifiable information (PII) – social security numbers, credit cards, email addresses, and other personal data – of millions of consumers are exposed and sold by hackers.

Analyze This (and That): Event-Based Analysis - Changing Your Vantage Point

iDS Director of Data Analytics, Hunter McMahon, discusses how approaching data analysis from an event-based perspective leads to vantage points that may help uncover the real narrative to build a stronger case.

xIOT - Data Insights

Our clients now have the power to go beyond a basic reporting tool or data repository, to utilize actionable intelligence to effectively develop case strategies earlier and craft powerful, data-driven narratives. We’ve applied well-established principles of computer science, statistics, mathematics, and law to create a system that doesn’t just manage data, but elevates it from simple information to knowledge and understanding.

MobileThread featuring ConversationView

MobileThreadTM  is a unique, user-friendly platform that allows users to import, review, search, and produce mobile device conversations in a native format. Using our ConversationViewTM interface, texts, chats, and additional SMS and MMS conversations can be reviewed in a Relativity® workspace, in a readable format nearly identical to that of the device. The sender, recipient, date, time, emojis, and images are all represented in this ‘bubble-like’ view – with metadata preserved. Additionally, conversation, message, and attachment relationships are maintained.

The Forensicators Present ... Big Data Beasts

"Big Data Monsters" is courtesy of iDS Sr. Consultant and data expert, Bobby Williams.  Nearly everything we do increases our digital footprints and feeds a race of big data monsters. Bobby talks about these creatures - how they were created, how they're fed, and how they can be tamed to help keep you and your organization safe.

Analyze This (and That): Data Analytics - Puzzle Solving

Our data analytics team is frequently tasked to use qualitative and quantitative techniques on data to identify common behavior, reveal key facts, and understand patterns; all leveraged to draw vital conclusions related to a matter. Not a small task without a ‘user manual’ to inform you what the data means and how it fits together.

jimil patel

Mr. Jimil Patel is a Managing Consultant and eDiscovery technology expert with iDiscovery Solutions (iDS) in Washington, DC.  He has over ten years of experience supporting all phases of the EDRM project lifecycle.  Mr. Patel is proficient in complex data analytics and has developed numerous...

WEBINAR: Understanding the Value (and Risk) of Digital Breadcrumbs, Oct. 3 @1pm ET

During litigation or investigations, we are quick to look for the 

Analyze This (or That): Predictive Analytics to the Rescue

iDS Project Manager, and eDiscovery expert, Sangeetha Ramamurthy discusses the importance of predictive analytics when beginning document review for litigation. Sift through data quickly and efficiently to reduce document populations in your next review, saving time and money.

The Forensicators Present: Mind the (Time) Gap

iDS forensics expert, and member of the DC Bar's Ethics Committee, Ken Marchese talks about time gaps between events occurring and the ability to image a device, why reporting is still essential, and the potential for new, relevant evidence.


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