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THE ETHICAL HACKER: Technically Speaking, Cybersecurity Isn't About Speaking Technically


Charlie Platt

Affiliate - Expert Services
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The Ethical Hacker: Data, Disputes, Discovery and more... In Metropolitan Corporate Counsel's April 2017 edition, iDS Director (and Certified Ethical Hacker) Charlie Platt discusses cybersecurity and the importance of open and clear communications within all organizations about security and the roles each individual plays in keeping data safe.  Below is an excerpt and the full piece can be downloaded above. 


How do most attacks happen?  Despite what movies and TV would have you believe, it’s not legions of hackers actively pounding down our cyber doors.  Most successful attacks happen because a person did something, they made a mistake, clicked a link, visited a suspicious website, or plugged in an infected USB device.  They were naïve or unaware of the damage that could arise from their actions and let their guard down. Which brings us to the theme of this column: cybersecurity isn’t about speaking technically, it’s about communication.  


Please email Mr. Platt at cplatt@idiscoverysolutions.com to discuss cybersecurity, data privacy, and analytics, as well as how the experts at iDS can assist with all your legal technology needs on your next case or internal investigation.

The Ethical Hacker pieces are available HERE and all of iDS' articles and interviews for MCC are available HERE


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