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Discovery Consulting

The Challenge with Electronic Discovery

When legal issues arise, you want to identify relevant systems and data quickly. How can you do that accurately and efficiently? You need to preserve and collect data. How can you do that in a defensible manner that will pass judicial scrutiny? You have to review and produce volumes of data that could be potentially relevant. How can you do that without wasting time and money? 

The Solution

At iDiscovery Solutions (iDS), we develop and implement strategic solutions for the most basic to highly complex eDiscovery challenges. Each of our consultants averages more than 10 years of eDiscovery lifecycle management experience. We provide subject matter expertise and expert opinions across the EDRM.

Our expertise ranges from straightforward, domestic legacy mainframe data collection to discovery management for complicated, multinational litigation and arbitration matters. We collect data, from almost any source, domestically and internationally.  We can also complete base collections over the Internet or by working with ISPs. From corporations and law firms to technology and computer science companies, our eDiscovery consultants’ knowledge and experience is unparalleled.

The Benefits

  • Implement best practices. Formulate defensible, scalable strategies to streamline data extraction, collection and delivery processes. Identify and coordinate your legal, regulatory, business and technology requirements.
  • Decrease risk. Use sound forensic methods to accurately identify and data map potentially relevant data sources within complex corporate information systems. Develop defensible, highly scalable strategies to retrieve data that may not be readily accessible, such as offline storage and backup tape libraries.
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs. Assess technology requirements to streamline or augment your current discovery response program. Evaluate enterprise software tools and hardware appliances to improve management of early case assessment and data processing requirements.
  • Experience expert assistance. Our consultants have expert qualifications and years of experience serving as 30(b)(6) designees on technology and eDiscovery topics. We have extensive knowledge of litigation support project management tools.
  • Get back to business. iDS’ expert consulting services get you out of eDiscovery and back to business.


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