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Database Discovery

iDS provides experienced testifying and consulting experts to address the acquisition, analysis, and production of your structured enterprise application data (Enterprise Databases). Our expertise is demonstrated by:

  • Database experience in a variety of platforms, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Informix, Lotus Notes, and DB2
  • Preservation and collection from large enterprise database systems, including both active and legacy systems
  • The ability to properly transform complex data sets stored in proprietary, flat file, or relational table structures into a consolidated and accessible database that facilitates data analytics
  • The development of complex modeling and analytical queries to provide reports to subject matter experts
  • The ability to provide expert testimony on enterprise systems and data analytics methodology

Tackling the discovery challenges of structured enterprise application data is much different than any other aspect of eDiscovery and is a cornerstone of iDS. One of the benefits of working with iDS’ data analytics team is our ability to help you understand what the databases contain and their underlying structure, along with our unique ability to present the data in meaningful ways.

Practically speaking, data analytics allows your legal team to:

  • Sort through large amounts of structured data to identify relevant information
  • Interpret relationships between large data sets
  • Seek-and-compare among data to identify anomalies within databases
  • Analyze data points within systems that are required for restatement of earnings, shareholder disputes, assessment of damages, securities matters, or the analysis of business interruption claims
  • Support subject matter experts, such as forensic accountants and damages experts working on antitrust, financial, and accounting matters


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