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Data Modeling

Tackling the discovery challenges of structured enterprise application data is much different than any other aspect of eDiscovery and is a cornerstone of iDS. Preservation and collection of such data not only requires the consideration of the highly dynamic nature of these systems, but also requires a team that can understand and break down the complex relational structures contained within those databases.

Once our team collects the information, it is often necessary to transform the data into a useable format to perform reliable content analysis.  During the content analysis phase, iDS is also able to analyze the data for relevant case-related information to provide to your legal team for review. One of the benefits of working with iDS’ Data Analytics team is our ability to help you understand what the databases contain and their underlying structure, along with our unique ability to present the data in meaningful ways.  We believe we have a team that will be able to assist any client with any matter.



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