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Data Analytics

Armed with an experienced team of programming and database consultants, our experts have been called upon to verify and validate our methodologies and deliver analytic results. iDS has been engaged to work with transactional data on some of the largest and most complex cases in U.S. history. Possessing a wide range of matter fluency and testimony experience in government and regulatory investigations, restatements of earnings, fraud investigations, insider trading, class action matters involving large financial and insurance institutions, as well antitrust second requests, intellectual property theft, and contract disputes, we believe we have a team that will be able to assist your team with any matter. Data analytics allows your legal team to:

  • Sort through large amounts of structured data to identify relevant information.
  • Interpret relationships between large data sets.
  • Seek-and-compare among data to identify anomalies within databases.
  • Analyze data points within systems that are required for restatement of earnings, shareholder disputes, assessment of damages, securities matters, or the analysis of business interruption claims.
  • Support subject matter experts such as forensic accountants and damages experts working on antitrust, financial and accounting matters.


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