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Consensus Coding℠

The Problem with Human Review

We believe in human review. However, even well trained, highly qualified subject matter experts disagree and their coding decisions may vary greatly.

Human review is also time-consuming, costly and hard to quantify. It’s difficult to effectively measure the quality of subjective decisions so as to maximize the defensibility of a document review.

Nonetheless, human review is an essential part of litigation. Even processes that augment and extend human review – such as technology-assisted review (TAR) – rely on human review within the process.

The Solution

iDS confronts these challenges with our Consensus CodingSM platform – a unique, innovative methodology, web-based and built on Relativity®, that applies the feedback mechanisms from information retrieval (like those used to train TAR engines) and pairs them with an evolving assessment of individual reviewer performance. The result is a measured reliability ranking for each document tag.  The Consensus CodingSM platform assesses the review quality at the document level and at the reviewer level.

It’s not all about technology. The Consensus CodingSM platform is a tailored, comprehensive strategy that combines expert testimony, experienced consultants and best practices to ensure the successful management of the eDiscovery document review process for law firms, corporations and document review companies.

The Benefits



  • Strengthen defensibility with measurable results.
    • Assess document review quality. Achieve a predetermined quality confidence threshold based on coding decision accuracy. Single documents and the document set are reviewed until they meet or exceed that threshold.
    • Assess individual reviewer quality. Track individual performance by document and within projects so you can identify the best reviewers by subject matter and document type. Equally important, you can quickly remove underperforming reviewers.
    • Maintain accuracy regardless of scale. Maintain coding decision accuracy regardless of the number of reviewers or the volume of documents.
  • Train TAR engines. Create accurate, measurable seed sets for TAR training and validation.
  • Reduce costs. Achieve reliable decisions faster. Work confidently with a wider variety of document reviewers based on quality ranking rather than tenure, hourly rate or location.
  • Built on Relativity®. Works seamlessly with Relativity® and other document review platforms, both web-based and in the cloud.
  • Get back to business. The Consensus CodingSM platform gets you out of eDiscovery and back to business.


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