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Case Study: How iDS Used Relativity to Navigate the Twists and Turns of a Complex Case



Louis and his team collected ESI and paper documents from more than 50 custodians for inclusion in the review. Once the data was processed, 6 million documents were loaded into Relativity for review, where the data would be managed, analyzed, and produced. The iDS team would have three significant deadlines throughout an 18-month discovery period.

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Even accounting for the midstream shifts and retraining throughout the project, the use of Assisted Review on this matter saved iDS’s customer 6 to 12 months in review time with an estimated cost savings of $4 million when compared with a traditional linear review. Despite the project’s complexity, Louis’s team easily met each review deadline–often several days early—with fast and accurate results from Assisted Review. 


Please download the accompanying PDF on this page for the full case study, also available on kCura's website at https://www.kcura.com/relativity/ediscovery-resources/customer-wins/ids-...

Please email Louis Martin, lmartin@idiscoverysolutions.com, to see how iDS and Relativity can help you with your next eDiscovery case.

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