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Best Practices for Conducting a Remote Deposition

Save money, save time, beat COVID-19, and get that crucial testimony all at the same time. Join our panel of experts for a presentation on best practices for conducting remote depositions.


Date and Time: Pre-recorded and Available Upon Request


Duration: 1-hour presentation



Ask a hundred attorneys and one hundred will likely confirm … it’s always better to take a deposition in person. Yet in a world of coast-to-coast and international litigation, and in a world post-COVID-19, everyone is rethinking how to work remotely. While not always your first choice, remote depositions happen all the time, and a few best practices can put this squarely within your toolbox.


A Word version of the Parties’ Joint Stipulation Related to the Protocol for Conducting Remote Depositions can be obtained by emailing info@idsinc.com.



Dan Regard, a Chambers and Partners Band 1 ranked eDiscovery consultant, is the CEO of iDiscovery Solutions (iDS). iDS provides subject matter experts for a variety of topics, including digital forensics, eDiscovery, structured data analytics, cyber security, information governance, and data privacy. As such, our team has been deposed remotely multiple times. Dan himself has been deposed by phone and by laptop video-conference multiple times. The best practices that will be shared during the webinar come from solid research, client interviews, and personal experience.


Phil Busman, a Partner with Nelson Mullins, represents industry leaders and multinational corporations in complex litigation before state and federal trial and appellate courts around the country. He has experience in consolidated and serial litigation as well as high-profile individual matters, with particular focus on pharmaceutical, medical device, mass tort, environmental, business tort, antitrust, investigations, and employment cases.


Billy DiMonte is the Founder and Managing Partner at Planet Depos. He is a principled executive who is never satisfied with the status quo and is committed to revolutionizing the court reporting industry with thought-provoking and out-of-the-box ideas. His passion for exceptional customer service is something that keeps him up at night and motivates him to be a better leader.



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